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Board of Directors
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Connecting Europe Broadband Fund conducts permanent supervision of the management of the Fund and provides guidance to the Manager on the overall development of the Fund's activities.


The Board of Directors is appointed by the General Meeting of the Shareholders.  It has established an Audit Committee and a Conflict of Interests Committee and consists of six (6) members.

Investment Committee

The Manager has established an internal investment committee (the "Investment Committee") composed of six (6) Key Executives of the Manager. The Board of Directors of the Manager also appointed two non-voting observers to the Investment Committee who are industry experts independent of the Manager.  The Investment Committee takes all investment and divestment decisions for the account of the Manager with respect to the Fund, meets as required by the Manager to discuss, and provides advice regarding, any Investment matter it deems appropriate; and monitors the pipeline of investments, portfolio transactions and the financial structure and performance of the portfolio of Investments.

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